• 1526 Barnum Ave Unit 1
  • Bridgeport, CT 06610
  • 203 292 0788

Asset Remarketing Group, LLC has state of the art facilities to provide the best solutions for asset liquidation and remarketing. Our dependable, detail-oriented team uses the newest technology available in the industry to ensure that your assets are bought and sold in an efficient manner.

With our trucks we are able to move inventory in any quantity from anywhere in the continental United States. We have a variety of vehicles that are ready to transport cargo whenever our clients need our services.


We are located in a modern warehouse industrial park. Our Bridgeport CT office and warehouse have two direct access loading docks for our trucks. The warehouse is equipped with rows of pallet racking and shelves that are closely monitored with digital video surveillance. We are well stocked in packaging materials with a spray foam packaging machine, and we have an attached office area for processing and customer support. 

Packaging Stations

Our packaging stations allow team members to access a number of shipping and packaging supplies necessary to guarantee secure transport. Quick-hardening spray foam provides a shock-absorbing shield between the item and container.


The attached separate office space in our warehouse enables team members to efficiently process inventory and provide friendly customer support. This is where monitoring software allows us to observe the warehouse and keep it under systematic review. The monitoring system helps ensure accurate inventory analysis.


Loading a truck is an art form and that is why we hire team members who have proven experience in efficiently and safely loading trucks. These trucks are available whenever our service is needed and we are happy to drive them to any location to pick up inventory. At our warehouse we can pull directly up to a loading dock and safely unload inventory.